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The Pacific team's combined knowledge and experience provides a Wall Street approach to cost containment strategy, methodology and execution. Outstanding client service is the hallmark of a Pacific relationship.

Pacific Medical International

Pacific was formed to capitalize on the current inefficiencies prevalent in the healthcare and workers' compensation industries. These inefficiencies lie in two main fronts: 1) technology and methodology, and 2) a protracted sales and procurement cycle.

Regarding the first issue, Pacific dominates two targeted niches: integrated loss control solutions in the healthcare benefits industry and workers' compensation bill review software and systems. Pacific is first and foremost a client care and solutions company. Our vision will always be focused on how we can use the most powerful and effective technology to build integrated solutions that will help our clients lower costs, improve productivity, increase profits, and meet regulatory or governmental compliance.

The second issue focuses on the fact that most healthcare and workers' compensation decisions involve millions of dollars in potential savings. Because these decisions involve huge potential cash savings, the timing of those savings and potential immediate impact to the owner, financial stakeholder or shareholder is vitally important.

Pacific has long-standing, unbroken relationships with the largest, self-insured employers in the world, every national insurance company and the most successful third party administrators in the country. By translating these huge dollars into shareholder value, return-on-investment and quantifiable, bottom-line metrics, owners, investors and shareholders can safely decide to immediately implement Pacific's groundbreaking cost management methodology. Our trusted, close-knit community of peers share access, connections and expertise for mutual benefit and support.